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Why did the groomer shave my dog

Posted: 04/23/2018 16:49:55, Category:News

Why did the groomer shave my dog?

This blog talks about dogs that need regular grooming and haircuts.
Examples: Poodle, Poodle mixes, Maltese, Shitzu , Schnazer, Westie, etc..

This might be the most common question that people ask after they book a groomer to style their dog and then get the shocking news that their dog must be shaved down.... WHY!!

For starters I want to assure to you that the fur will grow back the same way it was before it started to get knotted and your dog is feeling free and fresh.

- Can’t you shave the knots out and leave the fur?

If I was able to do that without hurting the dog (which I don’t do), the dog will look choppy and unprofessionally groomed and this is not acceptable by any groomer.

- Can’t you de-knot or de-mat my dog and brush the Mats out?

We use the best De-mating products and if the knots are in the early stages our products will work and will penetrate through the knots to brush them out. However, some knots are close to the skin that no product whatsoever can do its magic and brushing them out will not only will put your dog in pain for the time being, it will create a horrible memory for grooming which most likely will lead to hating grooming and hating the groomer. And that’s why we practice humanity before vanity.

- Why is my dog hiding after being shaved?

If you as an owner don’t take the shaving down of your dog well, he or she won’t take it well either, dogs can read energies and if you made fun of them or made them feel like something is wrong with the way they look, they will try to hide and they will act strange for a couple of days and sometimes weeks.

Why is my dog itching a lot after you shaved him ?

Knots or mats are not only an external thing, their danger on your dogs health are extreme. Every single knot is painful and it can stop the flow of blood to that point. Imagine your hair is tangled and someone is pulling at the tangle, this is what a knot on a dogs body feels like. So after shaving the tangled fur, blood will start flowing like normal again to those areas and that might cause little red spots and itching which will disappear in a couple of days.

- What am I supposed to prevent shaving my dog down?

Regular grooming sessions between (2-8) weeks and some breeds especially poodles and poodle mixes require constant brushing at home with the right tools which I will talk about in a different blog.