Dog Groomers Adelaide

Deluxe Groom

Grooming your dog is not only about giving your dog a beautiful haircut, it also helps maintain a healthy coat and skin.


 Pre Brushing

Pre Brushing to loosen dirt and debris from coat


 Dog Shampoo

Fresh warm water with coat specific shampoo (whitening, clarifying, deep cleansing, detangling, herbal, or medicated shampoo depending on skin and coat.)


 Dog Conditioner

Coat specific conditioner for hydrating and enriching your dog’s coat with B3 vitamins, or hypoallergenic.


 Facial Scrub

Berry facial scrub which helps remove face odors and tear stains and smells berrylicious.


 Body Hair Cut

Full body Clip-Trim : To give your dog the haircut you desire,whether it’s a breed or custom cut.we do it all!


 Paw Pads Clipped 

Paw pads clipped and cleaned from in between to help keep dirt away from your dog’s paws.


 Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning which includes ear powder and medicated solution to pluck any buildup of hair and prevent odor.


 Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping: Your dog’s nails will be professionally assessed and trimmed if required.


 Blow Dry

Towel and blow dry: High velocity dryer to remove all excess water and fluff dry to remove remaining moisture leaving your dog as fluffy as ever.


 Anal Glands

          Anal Glands     expressed upon owners request.

Complimentary hair bow tie or bow collar, with doggy perfume and a delicious treat  

All Brushes and service tools are fully sterilized between grooms.